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the studio

The Otter Creek Arts studio is a short walk up the hill. The garden spreads out below and in high season, you'll be as likely to find us out weeding (hands in dirt) as you are to find us creating (hands in paint or on a mouse). Whatever the weather, there is always something brewing in the studio...

John F. Walté

John's work is based in computer paint and tone mapping, 3D modeling and rendering, and fractal math visualization. Having been a commercial photographer/illustrator specializing in visual effects for 35 years, he now concentrates on fine art. Surrounded by multiple workstations, his studio also accommodates photography and small set building.

Visit John's Art Website here.


This image (left), PseudoKleinianMod2.v.4.0, demonstrates the complexity of natural systems at all scales, from the sub-atomic to the macro scale of the expanding Universe.


The second image (above) is a detail of the upper portion of this structure, wherein can be seen the ever-self-similar replication in nature.

Pamela Callahan

Born of paint and drawing media on wood, paper and linen, Pamela's imagery leaps and folds between people (also known as watchers), creatures, structures and landscapes. None are literal. They traverse both mind and earth, and shape-shift readily which keeps us all on our toes. Equally and continually awed by and thankful for her Wisconsin studio, it has been unofficially dubbed 'the pamorama room.'

Visit Pamela's Art Website here.

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