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October 2022

​Welcoming Autumn here at Otter Creek Arts....

and welcoming You to visit us during this year’s Fall Art Tour!


October 14, 15, 16, 2022 • 10am - 6pm

Check the Fall Art Tour website and facebook page for the most up-to-date info and Covid ​precautions.

Otter Creek Arts is #17 on the Tour this year.

John's Fall Art Tour page

Pamela's Fall Art Tour page


Detail from one of John's large 24X35 inch prints this year: PseudoKleinianMod2.v.4.0_Detail

John is presenting arrangements of found treasures that inspire and inhabit his images—remains and husks, seeds and nests, shards and bark—along with a bright new array of artwork.


There is a column in the works in Pamela’s space, to be wrapped with a big painting named Cathedral. And many other paintings changing everyday. The one below has an evolving sky (no longer gray). Let’s hope for all shades of blue come Fall Art Tour weekend!


Hold, oil on wood, 24x18 inches

Pamela is also part of a wonderful show curated by artist Mary Bergs. It's in Platteville, WI at Rountree Gallery, a vibrant and vital space!

Writing, Gesture, Shape Poster.JPG

P.S. There's a new bridge over Otter Creek!

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